When Sure Shot in Mascoutah opened in late 2018, Jamie and Tony Barrale’s goal was to provide fun family activities without having to travel far to find it.

That goal has not changed.

The business, however, has.

Under their original business plan, the Barrales provided Axe Throwing and Archery. In addition, the couple sold firearms and accessories, archery gear and hunting equipment and offered concealed carry classes.

Once the pandemic hit, it became increasingly difficult to get supplies from distributors, whose priority was getting merch to the big box stores.  

During the summer of 2020, their distributor went our business. The Barrales realized that “coming back to what we were doing wasn’t going to make ends meet.” Said Jamie Barrale.

“We had to figure out something to make [the business] survive,” she said.

So they came up with a new plan.

While being bored at home during COVID, the Barrales said they came up with things to keep them busy, including different backyard games and activities.

 They brought it all to Sure Shot.

The family-owned and operated facility now offers games that include:

Air bowling: Throwing footballs at bowling pins
Bocce Ball: Throwing the larger balls to get the closest to the small ball for the most points (think curling without the brooms)
Cornhole/Bean bag toss (or bags): Tossing fabric bean bags onto a raised board with a hole in the far end.
Giant billiards: A combination of pool and soccer – no cue stick, play with your feet.
Washers: Tossing washers to the opposite target to score points
Aholes: Throw bean bags at a mounted triangular board with three holes. 

And of course, Axe Throwing. (It’s like darts … with an Axe.) The Barrales plan to add more games as they come up with more ideas. All games fall under playground rules – calling dibs on the next game. 

Multiple flatscreen TVs are set up around the activities area, and folks can wet their whistles at the newly-installed bar. 

The bar offers a variety of beer, soda, ciders, hard seltzers and a few other beverages. There are a few snacks available (bags of chips, jerky), but it’s mainly BYO food. (There’s a Domino’s Pizza next door, if that helps.)

The beauty of indoor backyard games is that it’s air conditioned, which most may welcome during that muggy Midwest weather we all know and (don’t) love. Plus, no bugs.

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Sure Shot was founded by Tony and Jamie Barrale.  They are extremely excited to see their dream of a friendly fun facility come true.


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